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  Laboratory for cold plasma laser spectroscopy, Institute of Physics, Zagreb  

Current projects:

"Laser-Cold plasma Interaction and Diagnostics", HrZZ project # 2753, from 1. June 2014 - 31. May, 2018. , htpp://

Previous projects:

"The Diagnostic of Discharge and Laser-Driven Atmospheric Plasma Jets by Laser Spectroscopy Techniques (AtmJetsLaser)"  1. June 2014 - 31. May 2015. dr. Rok Zaplotnik NEWFELPRO fellowship

“Laser spectroscopy of cold plasmas for treatment of materials”,  the MSES project 035-0352851-2856 , from 11.01.2007 . to 30.09.2014.

"Plasma-assisted synthesis of nano-objects", bilateral SLO-HR project  (2012-2013) - dr. Nikša Krstulović and dr. Uroš Cvelbar

"Modification of cardiovascular implants by gaseous plasma", bilateral SLO-HR project  (2009-2010).

"Characterization of plasma for treatment of biocompatible materials" , bilateral SLO-HR project  (2006-2007).

“Laser preparation, manipulation and spectroscopy of new molecules”,  the MSES project 0035003, from 2002-2006.

"Spectroscopy in school" (, Institute of Physics with Carnet (2004/2005):

"Characterization of reactive plasmas for surface activation of polymer materials", SLO-HR bilateral project  2004-2005 .

"Razvitak tehnoloških postupaka za izradu postojanih adhezijskih restoracija"
(MZT joint project: School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb, Clinical Hospital Center, Zagreb, Institute of physics, Zagreb) 2003-2005.

"Ultrafast and ultracold experimental and theoretical methods of atomic and molecular physics and chemistry, and applications"
(MZT joint project: Institute of physics, Zagreb, Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka) 2003-2005.



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